Serj Sarkissian The Double Agent of Russia Should Be Removed and Tried

talish-lost-land7.5 million square meters (7,500,000 square meters) of Armenia’s land is currently occupied by Azerbaijani military as a direct result of Armenia’s president’s order disallowing counter attacks that would have re-captured the land lost to the April’s 4 Day War of 2016.

Armenian government, under control of Serj Sarkissian, until today has been shamelessly lying to the citizens of Armenia that this region was only around 500-700 square meters whereas the actual size exceeds 700 acres.

Due to the strategic location of the occupied land by Azerbaijan, we can consider that we have also lost Talish village to the enemy which has been an extremely strategic point. But once again our deceitful president has named the lost area of land insignificant for military.

It is evident from all aspects of analysis that Serj Sarkissian has been acting as a puppet of the Russian government, precisely as Putin’s puppet. This sort of treachery deserves not only the resignation of this so called president but also trying Serj Sarkissian for being a double agent spy working for Russia and/or Azerbaijan which will be punishable by public hanging in the Republic Square of Yerevan, Armenia.

The following video demonstrates clearly of the actual land losses that Armenia had suffered.

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